Özge Sebzeci

Turkey's Honey Apocalypse Is A Warning To The World (The Atlantic)

Publication in The Atlantic's Planet Section, with words by Katie Nadworny and photos by Özge Sebzeci

Wildfires have devastated the country’s precious pine honey. Heat and drought could soon bring the same fate to other beekeepers.

His Family Fled Afghanistan. In Turkey, Other Afghans Help Them Build A New Life

Assignment for NPR with reporter Durrie Bouscaren and translation by Mustafa Razaee

Last month, the United States airlifted more than 122,000 people from Kabul as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Thousands more fled on foot, across the borders of Pakistan and Iran. 

Smaller numbers of Afghans have ventured into Turkey in hopes of reaching Europe. 

They've paid smugglers, climbed walls with their children and slept in safe houses. Those are just a few risks some Afghans went through as they fled their homeland, and they're the very risks one family took as it escaped overland to Turkey through Iran, all while the Taliban was taking more and more control of Afghanistan. 

Marilyn Stafford Fotoreportage Award 2018 Invitation

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