Özge Sebzeci

Audio Journalism 

The Last Bus to Europe 

Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world, but they are facing a brutal backlash from Turkish society. In February 2020, during the onset of the pandemic, the Turkish government misinformed refugees that they could leave Turkey and enter Greece. Turkish photojournalist Özge Sebzeci boarded a bus from Istanbul to Greece filled with migrants headed to Europe, and she tells the story of their journey. Then she weaves in the Turkish narrative by getting to know an anti migration politician and a pro-refugee activist to understand how they shaped their opinions.

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Recent Articles

Activists Condemn Turkey’s Polygamous Marriages Targeting Syrian Refugees

By Fariba Nawa and Özge Sebzeci

In Turkey, it’s illegal for a man to take on multiple wives, but activists say the influx of Syrian refugees is fueling a rise in the practice – and the government is turning a blind eye to the problem.

Published in News Deeply and The Huffington Post



Cycling 14,000 Kilometers for Women

By Özge Sebzeci

Four tall, athletic ladies are easy to spot in the crowd with their cycling gear, helmets, and bike glasses. They have sweat profusely after several hours of biking and hiking up the hills, and are now resting quietly at the side of a road. While two of them are leaving for a bike repair shop, I start speaking with the other two. They are Dutch ladies pedaling from Indonesia to Holland for a cause: to foster awareness of women’s rights.

Published in The Solutions Journal

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